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Community health work is changing

19 states now allow direct billing for services provided by certified CHWs
The time is now for CHWs to switch from grant-funded to revenue-funded
We help you find training and certification opportunities
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Frequently asked questions

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Does this cost anything to use?
This tool is completely free to use. We ask for your email and name in order to contact you in the future as we add more opportunities for well-paying part time work for state-certified CHWs who are looking to increase their overall salary.
Why are you doing this?
We believe in the power of addressing health related social needs. Getting our nation healthy isn’t rocket science, but it takes dedicated people like you to join organizations that are responsible for delivering healthcare in an equitable way. We want to help make those connections.
What’s in it for you?
We believe community health work is going to play an increasingly central role in the strategies of major health plans and hospitals. We want to build a community of incredible qualified community health workers so health systems can save money and time when hiring for open roles. We believe that the best way to build a large community of community health workers is by making it easier to find training opportunities and job opportunities based on the experience they have today.

About PatHealth

On a mission to empower Community Health Workers

PatHealth is a career support platform for community health workers. Our goal is to help community volunteers and CHWs access formal training and certification opportunities and to deliver services that are billable under Medicaid.

Today, we offer a simple job matching platform that aggregates open roles for CHWs and open training program opportunities for aspiring CHWs.

Our vision is to partner with hospitals and insurers tasked with allocating NY1115 dollars prudently to improve HRSN assessments and service navigation. To do so, we dhave a goal to identify, qualify, and help place thousands of high-potential CHWs in part and full-time roles, allowing health systems to expand their workforces with auxiliary staff on a flexible basis.

The PatHealth team comes from the world of digital health and is inspired by watching family members benefit from getting access to compassionate social support. We are excited to support those who provide support!

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